Where is the “social justice” crowd on mob violence?

I don’t recall the race-baiters like Jim “the Gospel is all about wealth redistribution” Wallis and radical pro-abortionist and false teacher Chuck “Jesus is not the only way but He sure is a bigot” Currie of the UCC (Unitarians Counterfeiting Christ) even acknowledging things like this, let alone speaking out against them: Bus Driver Community Organizes Beating of White Family.

Fortunately it was caught on video so the bus driver was fired.

The virtually unreported epidemic of black on white mob violence that has been plaguing the country for the past few years is particularly disturbing when you consider that mobs of thugs are easily exploited. Hitler famously put such mobs to strategic use during his rise to power. As Hope & Change continues to deteriorate, Obama et al. may resort to this tactic.

It’s not as if the thought would never occur to them. Representatives of the Department of Social Justice were sent to Florida during the Trayvon Martin spectacle to lend logistical support to racial arsonist Al Sharpton. Eric Holder himself appeared in Ferguson to fan the flames after the Michael Brown shooting. Despite his total ineptitude in most other regards, the Community Organizer in Chief ought to have no problem directing racially bloodthirsty mobs against particular targets — considering that an untrained bus driver can do it:

A black Baltimore bus driver organized a mob of 20 black people to assault a white family of three on her bus, which they did with gusto and pepper spray. All the while, the other black passengers hooted and hollered in encouragement.

All while the bus driver waited for the beating to finish so the attackers could get back on the bus. With her thanks.

The bus company didn’t give a darn. And it took Baltimore police two months before they even investigated it.

The appalling event occurred last June. A white couple made the mistake of escorting their 9-year-old son home from school on a city bus. The driver asked them to move to the back, but they couldn’t, because there was no room. This enraged the female driver, who showered them with foul-mouthed threats and abuse.

Pro-abortion extremist “minister” blathers about peace

It is hard to find anyone more tone-deaf and hypocritical than a pro-abortion peacenik. Yet here we are with radical pro-abortionist and false teacher Chuck “Jesus is not the only way but He sure is a bigot” CurrieIs Peace Possible? A Sermon On Isaiah 2: 1-5 and Luke 6:20-26.

Abortion is the opposite of peace.  See http://tinyurl.com/yzjq4lv and http://www.advocatesoflife.com/graphicabortionimages.htm

The LGBTQX “Christians” are still using the lame argument from silence.

At A compilation of everything Jesus said about homosexuality, the author just has a blank page.  Oh, how clever!  And remarkably fallacious!  She should be embarrassed at such terrible logic (and her commenters as well).  Of course the fraud, Kimberly Knight, is a member of the UCC.

The argument that Jesus never said anything about homosexual behavior (or abortion, etc.) fails on several levels. If a church leader uses it you can be confident that he or she is ignorant and/or malicious.

Short version: Yes, He did say something about it, but the theological Left ignores or distorts it as they do with many things about Jesus and his teachings.

Medium version: Arguing from silence is a logical fallacy, Jesus is God and part of the Trinity that inspired all scripture, He supported the Old Testament law to the last letter, the “red letters” weren’t silent on these topics in the sense that they reiterated what marriage and murder were, He emphasized many other important issues that these Leftist theologians completely ignore (Hell, his divinity, his exclusivity, etc.), He was equally “silent” on issues that these folks treat as having the utmost importance (capital punishment, war, welfare, universal health care, taxpayer-funded abortions, etc.), He didn’t specifically mention child abuse and other obvious sins though that wouldn’t justify them, and abortion and homosexual behavior simply weren’t hot topics for 1st century Jews. And the Gospels never claimed to include everything He said. John specifically notes that the whole world couldn’t hold it all! (John 21:25) And Jesus never said anything about the “sin” of criticizing homosexual behavior, so it must be OK!

Long version: http://4simpsons.wordpress.com/2011/05/24/what-jesus-didnt-say-3/

Jim Wallis is a pathetic drama queen

Via Arrested in Ferguson in Act of Repentance, professional race-baiter Jim “the Gospel is all about wealth redistribution” Wallis got himself arrested (probably for a whole 15 minutes!) so he could play the martyr and pretend to care for black people.

Meanwhile, he continues to support the Democrats’ dream of increasing the ratio of black abortions to white past its current three-to-one figure.

Taxpayer-funded abortions — which the Democrats want so badly that they almost lost Obamacare over, and that which their official platform calls for — would take that rate even higher.

If the situations were reversed and conservatives supported abortion in the same way and liberals opposed it, we’d be hearing nonstop about how racist and genocidal conservatives are.

Wallis is a ghoul who profits over the deaths of black people.

A special kind of stupid

The mind reels.  I usually don’t use the “s” word in blogging, but it is so appropriate here.

Radical pro-abortionist and false teacher Chuck “Jesus is not the only way but He sure is a bigot” Currie of the UCC (Unitarians Counterfeiting Christ) took a break from taking little girls to gay pride parades toto tell us how to solve the problems in the Middle East: An Absurd Peace Plan That Might Work.

His solution?  Let the religious leaders work it out.

For a guy who fashions himself as such an expert that was a special kind of stupid thing to say.  He doesn’t even know that in Islam religion is inseparable from politics.  The “separation” concept is meaningless to them.

Of course, Chuck is the progressive “Christian” minister who has read the Bible so little that he thought John 14:6 was the only verse claiming Jesus’ exclusivity.  With a wave of his hand he dismissed the entire Gospel of John from the Canon and inserted the “Gospel” of Thomas. Oh, and he said we have as much to learn from Islam as they do from us.

This is the kind of person masquerading as a Christian in most Leftist churches.

More silliness:

U.S. Christian leaders who wrote to President Obama this week were correct to argue: “As U.S. churches and Christian organizations, we join others worldwide who are calling for an immediate end to the violence — as well as its underlying causes — in Palestine and Israel.” This conflict must stop. 

Well, of course, since some false teachers said so.

The rest of the piece is similar nonsense, claiming that both sides are equally bad and false accusing Israel of targeting civilians.

This is a great example of how you can trust Islam.

Chuck and the media ignore the truth about the religion of peace.  Their body count stacks up daily yet they pretend they are similar to Christianity.   If Muslims are so peaceful why are so many afraid to offend them?  And if Christians are so dangerous why are so few afraid to offend them?

On the other hand, let’s send Chuck and the other Leftists to all the Islamic countries propping up Hamas and let them tell them they must stop what they are doing.  They could also inform the Muslims how other religions are just as true as Islam.  Now that would solve something.

False teacher Jim Wallis milks the Left-manufactured border “crisis”

Leftist policies deliberately caused the massive influx of illegal immigrants, but false teachers like Jim “the Gospel is all about wealth redistribution” Wallis are unrepentant.  They just double down with nonsense like The Moral Failure of Immigration Reform: Are We Really Afraid Of Children?

This is political obstruction of the common good, and it is a moral failure. This week, in a meeting with President Barack Obama, faith leaders asked the President to do everything he can, within his Constitutional authority, to “relieve the suffering” of all the families and children who will continue to be devastated. Let me say this very clearly: Those who have morally failed to fix this broken system must dare not now try to prevent executive orders to protect the people we love, who have become part of “us,” and whom Christ asks us to protect. If Republicans continue to ignore and cause the suffering of all “the strangers” among us, they will have to answer to the faith community.

The moral failure is practically begging people to enter our country illegally so that our neighbors will have to fund them, be victims of their crimes and catch their diseases.