False teacher Cindy Trimm

Via Disobedience to God (women in the ministry) produces this….. « Touch ya Neighbor Ministries — wow, it was creepy to watch her preach!  She is so transparently fake that I almost don’t feel sorry for her followers.

The link notes that:

She told them that God was into numerology. She said God loves the number eight and she backed that up by saying that when Jesus sat at the well and talked with the Samaritin women that he said the word water 8 times??? What kind of foolery is that?

Hey, maybe she is right!  I could spot that wolf in less than 8 seconds.  How about if I just say “she’s a false teacher and should be kicked out of the pulpit” 8 times?!

Sadly, her defenders insist that she is anointed and they misuse the “don’t touch God’s anointed,” but they are begging the question.  She hasn’t shown that she is “anointed” — in fact, her own words bring that into question!  Even then, 1 Chronicles 16 would not apply to her.

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