This blog is devoted to exposing false teachers in the Christian church.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Exactly who are you?? Do you have a name, or do you need to hid behind a blog while demonizing others. Sort of like Peter during the Cock’s Crow. E-mail me your identity.

    • LOL. It isn’t demonizing if you are criticizing the work of demons.

      I’m actually not that anonymous. But even if I was it is for good reason: I’ve had false teachers like radical pro-abortion, racist, lying Chuck “Jesus is not the only way” Currie try to get my employer to fire me because I embarrassed him on an online newspaper by quoting the Bible. He was the guest writer but the newspaper actually deleted one of his comments for being an inappropriate personal attack!

      I am glad to stand up for Jesus in many public ways. But even the Apostles were shrewd about not being martyrs unnecessarily. Use discernment, people!

      And you are welcome to try and point out where I got any facts wrong. I’m quite correctable.

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